Nail Art Design - Set of 12 Color Nail Dried Flowers

$20.00 $13.00
  • Packaged Well: Beautiful flowers all came intact. Each container with 12 sections, each section with its own snap lid and each container has a resealable plastic envelope for protection from humidity during storage.
  • Perfect Tiny Little Baby Flowers: Beautifully colourful and delicate real flowers with attractive petals and detailed features on your nails, ready for nail technicians and home nail art enthusiasts to use or resin jewelry making
  • 3D Nail Art Decoration - Cute flower in different shapes and colors, You'll love the color varieties our dried flower collection has to offer! Comes in 12 different colors and shapes to provide tons of fun for you customizing your own floral nails
  • Easy to Use: Ideal for professional accessories or for beginners. Easy to apply on natural or artificial nails. Specifically for nail art decoration with nail polish, UV builder gel, acrylic nails. Also easy to disassemble - soak in the normal way.
  • Wide Applications:The pressed dried flower can be used for nail art, DIY jewelry design, Resin phone case, Note card, Stationery, wedding invitations, envelopes, Stained Glass, Bookmarks, Magnets, candle makers, Soap Making, table decorations, scrapbooking, furniture & wood workings
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